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Pain Management

Pain medicine physicians are experts at diagnosing why you are having pain and treating the pain itself.
Some of the common problems a pain management physician treats include:
arthritis, back and neck pain, cancer pain, nerve pain, migraine headaches, shingles, and phantom limb pain for amputees.

They also manage acute pain caused by surgery, a debilitating illness or a serious injury. Examples include: pain after a knee-joint replacement, pain during recovery from a car accident, pain following stomach or chest surgery, or pain associated with sickle cell disease.

The pain medicine doctor works closely with your primary care doctor.

  • Pain medicine doctors review your medical records and X-rays as needed.
  • They will ask you to describe your pain in detail, such as where it hurts, for how long, what makes the pain worse or what makes it feel better.
  • They may ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire that helps them to assess the impact that your pain is having on your lifestyle and if it is interfering with your daily activities.
  • They also will do a complete physical examination on you.
  • They may need to order other tests and will then review all of their findings to determine what is causing your pain and how the problem can be corrected.

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